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Founded in 2006, The Sonic Show started out as a video podcast showcasing the latest in Sonic news and features. With time this format evolved before crossing over to Youtube. After a rebranding and return to a parked channel in 2011, the show went from strength to strength. Now boasting an audience over 14,000, total views spanning 3 million and firm relationships with events within the community such as Summer Of Sonic.
If you are interested in what the show can do to create awareness of your project or simply want to look at what you can offer the channel, simply take a look at the below examples and drop us a line via our contact page!

Celebrating The Community.
The Sonic Show is proud to showcase what happens in our community. We cover all aspects of the community and often reach out to the people behind these projects to work together to bring our audience the best coverage available.

In our 7 years of the show, we have built great relationships not only within in the community but with SEGA and it’s stars.

Beyond The Norm.
If there is one thing the show is known for, it’s varied and original (and sometimes off the wall) content. We proud to have one of the largest back catalogues of original Sonic based media. If you’re a Sonic fan, you know someone who has created for us.

A History Of Collaboration.
In it’s history numerous people have worked on the show. Some even starting here as launch pad. Our ever evolving team ensures our content never stales and promotes and attracts great talent.

Let’s Get Playing!
We are very aware of the rising popularity of the Let’s Play genre and are there to cater. With a team of “LPers” dedicated to bringing weekly content, we also run unique takes on the format with shows like TvsT and one off specials featuring developers of work.

Our Audience.
If there is one thing we proud of, it’s our fans. With tools like Facebook and twitter, plus contests and video interaction we boast a loyal audience who we have the uttermost respect for.

We are family.
Here is a small example of the people and organisations The Sonic Show has worked with,
SEGA Europe,  Summer Of Sonic Convention,  Sonic Paradox, The Sonic Stadium, Red Panda Audio, VGM: Awesome, Bradley Stoke Radio, Evil Doc Animations, Sonic Fan Games HQ, Sonic Wrecks, Sonic Adventure Generations Team, Mike Pollock (Voice of Dr Eggman), Hellfire Commentaries, Find The Computer Room, Mr Megabyte plus many others.

We don’t bite (well Tom does)

Bunch of sods

The Crew

Plus: Frequent contributors include the likes of, Cat, Nick Kalmar plus more.

We’ve also worked in the past with, Brad Flick, Skyler King and Legend 20x to name a few.

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