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#9 Mike Pollock Interview, the Voice of Dr. Eggman! (Revisit)

Last week, Brad Flick (aka Slingerland or Slingerland’s Corner Fame) talked to Mike Pollock, the current voice of Dr. Eggman and they had a grand ol’ time.  If you’ve got 21 minutes to spare, you can listen in as we discuss Mike’s work on Sonic Unleashed and other Sonic titles.  In addition, Mike talks about how he got into voice acting and he reminisces on his early days in New York radio and his work on his only film, Little Tug’s Big Adventure.  He also does some voices for us!

Mike is currently signed to do voice work on an upcoming, to be announced Wii title.  He recently was the announcer for AC/DC’s Black Ice album and has acquired credits for his work on commercials, Ultimate Muscle, and Kirby!  Right Back At Ya!.  Fo more information on Mike Pollock, visit his website.


Originall posted March 31, 2009

  • mathieu on April 1, 2009


    this was great and hiya mike

  • Cold Dog on April 1, 2009

    Great to know more about this voicing visionary. Fun interview all-in-all X3 Great catch guys!

  • Psyguy on April 1, 2009

    Really well done interview. You clearly have a voice for radio / broadcast!

    Glad you liked the picture, Brad! I was quite shocked and honored to see you not only used it for TSS but for the entire podcast you see my artwork! Thank you!

    Just kind of a random thought, if you’d ever like a co-host or just someone to talk about the sonic community back and fourth I’d love to join you on air sometime.

    Anyways – take care.


  • Carmyn D on April 2, 2009

    Lol. I know there will never be an interview with Griffith XD

  • Carmyn D on April 2, 2009

    I remember once hearing that Spax3 got a review with this guy. Is that true or not?

  • Raqib12 on April 2, 2009

    Around 16:20, he sounds more like Deem Bristow 😛

  • LT13 on April 3, 2009

    Did you guys know Mike voiced as that floating eyeball from a Parody Rangers episode?

  • Marcster1994 on September 10, 2009

    Ya know, it would’ve been cool if ya did interview Jason

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