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SAGE 2012: Project AXSX (Sonic Xtreme) @SAGExpo

Check out their booth at

Booth credits:
Andrew “Andrew75″ Bedell, Myself (tuxmask75 on youtube)
Project planning, 3D models, Custom textures for the winter feeling and missing textures, Shaders programming, research, custom Kismet coding for all level props, and objects,

Christan “Kurisu” Senn,
For sharing multitudes of information, and recourses from the original Sonic Xtreme.

Javier “Xaklse” Osset,
For The base Sonic GDK, XtremeGDK Code adaption, and technical programming adviser.

Joshua “Skarik” Boren,
For the extensive work on Sonic’s sprite animation system coding, Main Shader programmer and technical adviser,Code programming technical adviser.

Sega, and Sega Technical Institute,
For the textures. And Music

Sonic Team.
for the music taken from Christmas Nights.

Xeniczone, for all the hard work he put into the initial engine, and for getting me into fan gaming.

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